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After creating a website the next question that arises in one's mind is regarding the promotion of a website. The main motive is to enhance the business strategy and this can be done if you are able to keep a track of the visitors visiting a website.

Keeping a track of visitors will enable you to check how many visitors visit your website regularly or how many visitors are accessing your website for the first time.

Let us take a small example to explain you the complete concept of ‘Web Analytics’. If we assume Jack visits a supermarket and comes out of the supermarket without buying anything. The manager of the supermarket will get confused about the reason Jack came in to the supermarket. If jack would have purchased a piece of cake, the manager would have come to know the reason jack had come to the supermarket.

Same is the case with Ecommerce websites as there can be a track of the visitor but no track of the location of the visitor. For the same purpose, advantages of Web Analytics come into play. With the help of these services we can easily track the location, IP address, browser and operating System information.

We at Seoforesight, provide you with the ability to track the traffic to your website and offer you a detailed report on the same. Our competitor's analysis report helps you to change the targeted traffic and increase the traffic on the result oriented keyword. We keep a detailed record on the traffic coming to your website and allow you to view it simultaneously. The analysis of the traffic lets you and our team to work on the weak areas to provide you a better deal in reaching the top level. The comparison chart during web analysis will make you pick the area which returns maximum number of visitors.

If during a check, your tracking data displays that 70% of the visitors leave your website without clicking or buying anything, you need understand that the traffic is not being targeted in the correct place. Too much cluttering on your homepage can also be a reason to this information. There could be so many reasons which are making the visitors leave your homepage without buying or clicking anything.

Our team of professionals deeply work on this segment and will help you to correct the negative influence of your homepage and target the keywords in the correct manner. This process will help you to create a strong impression among the visitors and grow your brand value in a positive way.


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